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PPRNet - Primary (Care) Practices Research Network

PPRNet's Annual Meeting

PPRNet's annual network meeting provides opportunities for clinicians and staff to network with other practices, learn QI approaches from PPRNet researchers and learn from other member practices. PPRNet investigators also disseminate information on research outcomes, provide opportunities to participate in research studies and planning for improvement activities, and provide EHR and QI education with continuing education credit. For new practices, meetings provide an opportunity to not only see PPRNet in action through its members but interact with other practices, get to know the PPRNet team and hands-on learning.




2014 Annual Meeting: 

Meeting agenda and presentations


"Listening to the challenges of others, their determination to provide good care no matter the area of the country, or the new regulation has inspired me once again."


2013 Annual Meeting:

Meeting agenda and presentations

Best Practice Awards photos

High Performance Awards photos

Special Recognition Awards photos

"...sharing of information, ideas, research, and results. Inspiration to provide the best quality health care and learning to do so efficiently."

2012 Annual Meeting:

Meeting agenda


"Connection with similar practices that have a shared goal of improving quality care.
"Realization of the power of PPRNet."




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