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PPRNet - Primary (Care) Practices Research Network


PPRNet Webinars

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PPRNet's Webinars provide interactive opportunities to:

  • learn about PPRNet, PPRNet reports, "best practices", and PPRNet's translational research
  • get the most out of PPRNet reports for quality improvements, to improve patient outcomes, qualify for practice incentive, recognition programs and more
  • involve the practice team in learning, quality improvements and patient outcomes
  • learn the latest on  PQRS, PCMH, "Meaningful Use",  federal regulations and guidelines
  • get answers in real time
  • watch a recorded webinar any time


How to join a meeting:

To Join the meeting:
Select "Enter as Guest", Type your name and then enter the room.

How to set up your audio for webinars (for speaker and microphone)

For phone and audio:  Conference Number:  (843) 876-5261
Participant Code: 121712

* For e-mail notifications of webinar offerings, join the PPRNet listserv

Missed one of our webinars? See recorded webinars below:

Lessons Learned from CKD-TRIP Chronic Kidney Disease: Translating Research into Practice- Presenter: Cara Litvin, MD, MS (SLIDES FOR VIEWING)

Practice Transformation (Part 1)- Introduction to PPRNet and Using Data-Driven Decision Making to Identify Opportunities for Quality ImprovementPresenter: Andrea Wessell, PharmD

Using PPRNet Reports to Improve Quality: 2015- Presenter: Andrea Wessell, PharmD

PPRNet Data Export/ Reporting Updates- Presenter: Ruth, Jenkins, PhD

Learning from “Exemplars”: "Meaningful" Clinical Quality Measures for Primary Care- Presenter: Cara Litvin, MD

Using PPRNet ReportingTools for PQRS- Presenter: Andrea Wessell, PharmD SLIDES FOR VIEWING

 Practice Strategies for Data Documentation for Clinical Summary Documents, the new PPRNet data extract- Presenters: Sue Andrews, MD

Overview of the new PPRNet Data Extract Clinical Summary Documents- Presenters: Ruth Jenkins, PhD

Using PPRNet Tools to Meet NCQA PCMH 2014 StandardsPresenters: Andrea Wessell, PharmD

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PPRNet ReportsPresenters: Andrea Wessell, PharmD, Vanessa Congdon, MSPH

Developing Strong Practice TeamPresenter:  Lynne Nemeth, PhD, RN

PPRNet Report EnhancementsPresenters: Ruth Jenkins, PhD, Vanessa Congdon, MSPH

Update on Preventive Services (pdf)
2013‐14 USPSTF recommendations for adults, review PS and the ACA,
new PPRNet PS report format, review PPRNet learning about how to
improve preventive services delivery
Presenters: Cara Litvin, MD, MS and Steve Ornstein, MD,

The PPRNet Medication Safety Toolkit Presenter: Andrea Wessell, PharmD

JNC-8 Blood Pressure and ACC/AHA Cholesterol Guideline Updates (pdf)
Presenters: Andrea Wessell, PharmD, Cara Litvin, MD and Steve Ornstein, MD

Additions, changes and updates to PPRNet performance reports  (including PQRS diabetes measures)

Using PPRNet reports for PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System) recognition

Introduction to PPRNet
Includes history and mission of PPRNet,value of membership, network and member practice achievements

Using PPRNet reports in your practice

Using PPRNet reports for Quality Recognition and Incentive Programs
(*Please note, the audio recording cuts out at approximately 15:15 – we apologize and will update this in a future webinar session.)

USPSTF Update and "Best practices" in Preventive Service Delivery
Presenter: Steve Ornstein, M.D.



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