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PPRNet - Primary (Care) Practices Research Network


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PPRNet Performance Reports  

PPRNet provides practice, provider and patient-level performance reports on 64 evidence-based clinical quality measures(CQM) for diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, women's health, cancer screening, immunizations, mental health/substance abuse, respiratory disease, and medication safety. PPRNet reports also include network and national benchmarks, useful for assessing improvement opportunities.

Practice Performance Reports: (example report-*current as of 2015)

*see PPRNet Report Guide(below) for list of current PPRNet Measures

Practice Level Performance Reports are timely and logitudinal, available monthly and present graphical time trends for each CQM monthly for the past two years.  They employ statistical process control methodology with clearly marked "signals", which, in combination with their two-year time frame allow practices to readily assess whether change has occurred. 

Provider and Patient Level Reports (PLR): (example report-*current as of 2015) 

*see PPRNet Report Guide(below) for list of current PPRNet Measures

PLRs have several features designed to assist with population management and patient outreach.  They include patient registries, which allows “one-click” identification of patients not meeting the recommendation assessed by the CQM and facilitating intervention to improve overall practice performance.  They also present intra-practice comparisons between providers, supporting sharing of “Best Practices” within a practice.

Custom Reports

PPRNet provides custom reports upon request.  Examples of custom reports include reports to exclude specific providers; additional clinical quality measures required by specific incentive programs, government reporting, or grant requirements; residency program needs; and customizations based on unique practice data.  Costs for custom reports are determined by the extent of customization required. Contact us regarding customization requests at

PPRNet Report Guide:

PPRNet regularly updates care quality indicators and performance measures. 

Explanations on the current PPRNet report measures: 2017 Report Guide 


*More detailed information on understanding and utlizing reports for practice performance improvements, recognition and incentives programs and can be found on our Webinars page.


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