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PPRNet - Primary (Care) Practices Research Network

Current Research

  1) Research Centers in Primary Care Practice Based Research and Learning
(08/1/2012 - 07/31/2017) Principal Investigator: Steve Ornstein, MD, Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine.
Sponsor: Agency for Healthcare Research Quality

The goal of this project is to expand the PPRNet research team with investigators that research care for the underserved and patient activation, improve our readiness to respond to a broad scope of rapid cycle funding announcements planned for RCPC, and further enhance our infrastructure and activities for disseminating and implementing research findings through our current mission, will be enhanced using several approaches: clinical performance reports, network meetings, practice site visits, our web page, and web 2.0 applications comprising webinars and social media tools.

A strong primary health care system is needed to improve our nation’s well-being, and research in primary care is both relatively under-developed and critical. This project is intended to further develop the infrastructure of PPRNet, a long-standing successful practice-based primary care research network, and enhance its ability to conduct research critical for helping improve our primary healthcare system.

2) Improving Recognition and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care.
(7/01/2011 - 6/30/2015) Principal Investigator: Cara Litvin, MD, Assistant Professor, MUSC Dept. of Medicine.
Sponsor: Agency for Healthcare Research Quality

The overall goal of this project is to demonstrate how care delivered to patients with CKD in the primary care setting can be improved using clinical decision support (CDS) tools. Career development activities will also be conducted to develop the principal investigator into an independent health researcher.

The Specific Aims:

a) To use a consensus process to select a set of chronic kidney disease quality indicators for primary care.b) To incorporate these chronic kidney disease indicators in quarterly practice performance reports distributed to primary care practices within a practice based research network (PPRNet).c) To develop clinical decision support tools that can be used to enhance care of patients with chronic kidney disease in primary care.d) To implement and evaluate the impact of these clinical decision support tools in participating PPRNet practices using validated interventions.


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