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Americans with Disabilities Act

Faculty Room

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  • The Faculty Room (offsite link) is a web-based clearinghouse of information for postsecondary faculty centered upon accommodating students with disabilities developed under the auspices of the DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Program at the University of Washington. The Faculty Room contains expansive information on strategies to accommodate students with various types of disabilities, resources to help instructors more fully include students with disabilities in course activities, model policies and procedures and many other resources. Please be advised that, while an outstanding resource on instructional strategies, not all information presented in The Faculty Room is consistent with policies and procedures established at MUSC or with our interpretation of applicable laws and regulations; therefore, you are advised to consult with the appropriate Dean of your college, or with the 504 ADA Coordinator before taking responsive action with individual students based upon information presented therein.

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