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Adventure Out: Turning Over a New Leaf

Help Out with Adventure Out

Volunteers are needed to help sell shirts at the following locations plus one volunteers is also needed at each class. Volunteers will receive a free tee shirt which serves as their ticket to all classes in return for their time and assistance. Please email with your availability to sell t-shirts etc. including the date(s) and time(s).


DATE                      TIME                                            LOCATION/CLASS

Thurs.  May 156:00amHP         Boot camp
 6:00pmCL         Circuit
Sat. May 1710:30amCAZumba
Mon. May 196:00pmCAYoga
Tues. May 206:00amMCYoga
Weds. May 215:00pmMUSC WCTaeBo
 6:00pm Zumba
Thurs. May 226:00amBBYoga
Sat. May 2411:00amHPZumba
Tues. May 276:00amHPYoga
Wed. May 286:00pmHPCalisthenics
 6:00pmCHThe Rocky Workout
Thurs. May 296:00amHPYoga
Sat. May 3112:30-2:00pmHPTBD


Brittlebank Park (BB),      Cannon Park (CA),              Colonial Lake (CL)

Customs House, backside - closest to water (CH),     Family Circle Stadium (FCS)                   

Hampton Park (HP) near the lagoon                            Maritime Center (MC)