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Adventure Out: Turning Over a New Leaf

Class Descriptions


All Legs - Just like the name implies. This workout will help you tone and sculpt all of your lower body.

Boot Camp -  U.S. Marines lead participants in a military style fitness training class.  The class focuses on overall fitness and endurance training. The structure, accountability, camaraderie, and focus on fitness make this the ultimate exercise experience.

Calisthenics - While in this class you will use you own body weight to develop a total body workout.

Circuit - This class is a combination of it all. It will focus on strength, cardio and plyometric exercises to give you a total body workout

HardCORE - A power packed class of nothing but core work. This class is sure to help you get that summer stomach of your dreams

Historic Selfie Scavenger Hunt- This hunt will have you racing to many historic sites in downtown Charleston. While at the sites take picture, “selfie”, of you or your team. The first to post all of the “selfies” to the Adventure Out Facebook page wins day passes to MUSC Wellness Center. Challenge your friends or do it as a team. (The rules and List will be explained at the start of the event) *Must wear your Adventure Out T-Shirt in each photo. Meet at Colonial Lake.

Kids Gameshula hoops, obstacle courses and parachute play

Tae Bo - Tae Bo is the combination of self –awareness and the control of martial arts, the focus and strength of boxing and the grace and rhythm of dance.

The Rocky Workout -  Come enjoy a cardio blast at one of the most historic sites downtown as we test our cardio endurance on the steps of the Customs House. This interval workout provides cardio conditioning and sculpting to maximize fat-burning. All levels of fitness are welcome. The class wraps up with a relaxing stretch so bring towels or a mat.

Yoga - Yoga is about bringing the Mind, Body, and Spirit into such harmony that one’s natural rhythm can be felt and followed the focus is on stretching, breathing and posture. Bring your own yoga mat.

Zumba - Combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations. It is a fusion of Lain and international music and dance that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system. An intense exercise class to get you ready for the summer. Be ready to do multiple exercises that will work all parts of your body.