Adventure Out: Turning Over a New Leaf

Class Descriptions

All Legs - Amanda Griffith

This is the ultimate lower-body workout.  You will learn the most effective and functional leg exercises that will improve strength and power while sculpting your lower body.   Enjoy this session while watching the beautiful sunset at the Folly Pier. 5/29 at 6pm

Aqua Action - Leslie Brady

In this specially designed water aerobics class, you will learn how to reach a challenging level of intensity through manipulating resistance, speed and movement. 5/9 at 5pm & 5/20 at 5:30pm, James Island County Park Waterpark

Beach Bootcamp - Theris Trupos

An intense exercise class to get you ready for the summer. Be ready to do multiple exercises that will work all parts of your body. 5/15 at 6pm, Isle of Palms Beach Park

Boot Camp - Lillie Schulten

This traditional outdoor boot camp incorporates various exercises to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular fitness level. 5/16 at 6pm, Palmetto Island County Park

Cardio Beach Fun - Lillie Schulten

This cardio intense workout will raise your heart rate and burn calories, all while having fun. 5/30 at 6pm, Isle of Palms Beach Park

Family Fun Games - Kelsey Giles & Amanda Griffith

Come join the fun and bring your family! This class features multiple games to engage the whole family. It will be all fun and smiles along with good exercise. 5/4 at 11am, James Island County Park

Marine Boot Camp - Marines

This military style physical training class focuses on overall fitness training as well as running. This is your chance to experience a challenging exercise session taught by active duty Marines. 5/20 at 6:15am, James Island County Park, 5/23 at 6:15am, Isle of Palms Beach Park.

Intro to Trail Running

Learn the basics of this fast growing sport while exploring the Wannamaker North Trail. A recently built 8-mile, single-track hike/bike trail located right here in the low country. You will learn the differences between “road” running and trail running as far as technique and gear selection and be introduced to trail running, racing opportunities and resources in the Charleston area.  Please see website for instructions on where to meet:

Pilates Mat - Jessica Becker

A total body non-impact workout that stretches, strengthens and lengthens the entire body, with an emphasis on core muscles. 5/6 & 5/13 at 6pm, James Island County Park

Pilates Mat for the Family - Jessica Becker

All ages can enjoy the traditional Pilates Mat class with an emphasis on families having fun together while enjoying the benefits of a healthy body. 5/11 11am, James Island County Park

Strength and Stretch - Lisa McQuade

This session features body-weight exercises to build strength and yoga stretching to improve flexibility. 5/14 at 6pm, Folly Beach Pier

Sunrise Yoga - Gail Corvette & Lisa McQuade

Bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony with sunrise Yoga. Begin your day enjoying the sunrise and waking up your body. The focus will be on warm-up, stretching, breathing, and postures that teach you to trust your body’s wisdom, bringing a sense of peace and renewed vitality. 5/7 at 6:45am, Folly Beach Pier & 5/23 at 6:45am, James Island County Park

Sweat and Sculpt - Dawn Brazell & Lillie Shulten

This challenging and fun class consists of short, high-intensity intervals designed to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. It’s easily adapted for beginners or more advanced fitness levels, taking advantage of several outdoor fitness stations.  Leave with ideas of how to spice up your own outdoor workouts. 5/18 at 10am, Palmetto Island County Park

Tae Bo® Circuit - Kesley Giles

TaeBo® is the combination of self-awareness and the control of martial arts, the focus and strength of boxing and the grace and rhythm of dance. It develops cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, speed, balance, coordination, body awareness and mental focus. 5/21 at 6pm, James Island County Park & 5/28 at 6pm, Palmetto Island County Park

Vertical Challenge - CCPRC Staff

Climbing is a fun sport that develops strength, balance and efficiency of movement. Perfect for beginners, come explore the 50ft. climbing wall with over 4,500 square feet of climbing space. Try out the 10ft. bouldering wall or the new slackline park. 5.1 from 11am - 1pm, MUSC, 5/16 & 5/30 from noon - close at James Island County Park.

Zumba®  - Katie/Rob/Toya

This dance event combines high energy and motivating music for an energizing workout that is a fusion of Latin and international music. It is for all fitness levels featuring a mixture of body sculpting movements and easy-to-follow dance moves. 5.4 at noon, James Island County Park & 5/18 at 11:30am, James Island County Park

Zumba® Gold - Prisca Denton

This class takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant. 5/11 at 11:30am, James Island County Park

Zumba® Finale - Rob Powell

An invigorating Zumba class that incorporates Latin dance and music into one exciting and energetic class. 5/25 from 11:30am - 1pm, Palmetto Island County Park