Adventure Out: Turning Over a New Leaf

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Adventure Out? 

A:  Adventure Out is a month-long outdoor fitness campaign to encourage residents to visit county parks for exercise. Exercising outdoors or “green exercise” has many additional benefits to indoor fitness activities, including stress management, improved self-esteem and mood, increased frequency of exercise, and improved sense of well-being.

Q:  How did it get started?

A:  Mutual interests among the partners led to a shared vision to promote the green exercise trend, given the research showing its additional benefits, including stress management, improved self-esteem and mood, increased frequency of exercise, and improved sense of well-being. We wanted to share these benefits with the public in a fun way that motivates individuals and families to adventure out.

Q:  What is the cost and how long does it run?

A:  With the purchase of a $10 Adventure Out t-shirt, participants will have access to over 25 free fitness and activity classes as well as early-admission mornings at certain parks for participants to walk, run and exercise on their own. The T-shirt also gives participants free park admission when attending a class. (For MUSC Employees only - purchase a gold pass from April 3 - May 31 and receive one free t-shirt. Additional shirts may be purchased). The campaign runs from May 1st – May 31st, 2013.

Q:  How do you sign up?

A:  T-shirts can be purchased (cash or check only) at the following locations:

MUSC Office of Health Promotion – 17 Ehrhardt St., Suite 5 – call 792-9536 for pick up times.

MUSC Wellness Center – 45 Courtenay Drive, Main Membership Desk, 792- 5757 – ask for Janis Newton

CCPRC – Park & Program Services, 861 Riverland Drive (CCPRC Headquarters), 795-4386

By mail –download order form/waiver, sign and mail with check made payable to Parklands Foundation:

MUSC Office of Health Promotion

17 Ehrhardt St., Suite 5 MSC 205

Charleston, SC 29425

Additional dates/locations:

April 3 - MUSC Horseshoe (National Walking Day) 11am - 1pm

April 4 – Bridge Run Expo (Charleston Area Convention Center) 12noon - 8pm

April 5 - Bridge Run Expo (Charleston Area Convention Center) 8 am - 8pm

April 10 - MUSC Urban Farm Fitness event 11am - 1pm

April 13 - Marion Square (Push up & up, farmers market, Lighten up event) 9am - noon

April 16 - MUSC Horseshoe - Earth Day event 11 am - 2pm

May 1 - MUSC Adventure Out kickoff event 11am-1pm

May 8 – Children’s Hospital Lobby 11-1

May 15 – Children’s Hospital Lobby 11-1

May 22 - Children’s Hospital Lobby 11-1

May 29 – ART Lobby 11-1

Q:  How do you get admission to classes?

A:  Your Adventure Out t-shirt is your ticket for free park admission at the days and locations listed in the Adventure Out calendar. Each participant must have a t-shirt with them (you do not have to wear it for every class) and show to the gate attendant upon entering the park. If you forget your t-shirt you will have to pay the $1 gate fee and purchase another t-shirt at the class location.

Q:  What are the benefits of outdoor workouts?

A:  Outdoor exercise makes people happier, less fatigued and angry, more tranquil and relaxed, and provides a more lasting energy boost compared to indoor exercise. Even five minutes of green exercise (like walking across a park or campus) is likely to boost self-esteem and mood. Green exercise is experienced as more restorative and is more likely to increase a person's frequency of exercise compared to indoor exercise, and all these effects are enhanced with both duration and intensity of outdoor exercise.

Q:  Do you have to be fit to take the classes?

A:  No, classes are designed for all fitness levels so you can workout at a level of intensity that is appropriate for you. We do suggest that if you haven’t been exercising, are over 50 and/or have a pre-existing condition that may cause risk of illness or injury during exercise, that you consult your physician before participating in Adventure Out programs. Click here to download class descriptions. 

Q:  Are there any special events?

A:  Yes, we have 2 kick-off events, one at MUSC on May 1st from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm in the horseshoe and north garden and the other on May 4th at James Island County Park near the stage and Wappoo Shelter from 11:00 am – 2:00pm with food trucks, jump castles, Zumba, family fun fitness games and more! We will also hold a Zumba Finale class on Saturday, May 25th from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm at Palmetto Island County Park near the Tall Pines Shelter. All events are free of charge with Adventure Out t-shirt (shirts can also be purchased at the kick-off events).

Q:  Who are the sponsors?

A:  The Adventure Out program is a partnership among the Medical University of South Carolina and its Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Center, Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission (CCPRC) and the Parklands Foundation of Charleston County. Each partner brings valuable input - the Office of Health Promotion had the vision and the desire to promote outdoor fitness to MUSC and the community, MUSC Wellness Center had the fitness experts and instructors, CCPRC had the facilities and resources and Parklands Foundation had the means and vision for an even larger, comprehensive ‘exercise is medicine’ movement.  All have something unique to contribute that together; hopefully will translate into a healthier community.