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Center on Aging

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets every quarterly to discuss research initiatives and ideas for further collaboration and business decisions.

Executive Committee Chair

Dr. Lotta GranholmLotta Granholm
Director, Center on Aging; Co-Director, Caroll A. Campbell Neuropathology Laboratory
Professor, Department of Neurosciences

Phone: 843-297-0652
Fax: 843-792-0679
Email: granholm@musc.edu
Animal modesl for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, Healthy Aging, hormone replacement and diet-effects on congnition

Executive Committee Members

Elaine Amella
Professor, College of Nursing

David Bachman
Co-Director Alzheimer’s Research & Clinical Programs; Director, Memory Disorder Clinic; Professor, Dept. of Neurosciences

Esther Forti
Associate Professor; Former Director SC-GEC, Dept. of Neurosciences

David Garr
Associate Dean for Community Medicine; Executive Director, South Carolina AHEC

Vanessa Hinson
Director, Movement Disorders Program; Associate Professor, Dept. of Neurosciences

Abby Kazley
Associate Professor; College of Health Professions and Dept. of Healthcare Leadership & Management

Mark Kindy
Professor; Associate Provost for Research

Larry Middaugh
Senior Mentor; Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Jacobo Mintzer
Director, Division of Translational Research, Co-Director, Alzheimer’s Research & Clinical Programs; Professor, Dept. of Neurosciences

William Moran
Professor; Director, General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and Aging Q3

Kumar Sambamurti
Director, South Carolina Brain Bank; Professor, Department of Neurosciences

Jack Sanders
Professor; Dean, College of Dental Medicine

Kelly Ragucci
Professor, Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences

M. Kathy Wiley
Associate Professor, Director of Senior Mentor Program, General Internal Medicine & Geriatrics

Tanya Turan
Associate Professor, Department of Neurosciences

Maria de Fatima Falangola
Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology and Radiological Science

Deborah Bordeau
Director of Development

Chris Gregory
Assistant Professor, College of Health Professions and Dept. of Health Sciences & Research



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