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How to Make a Donation

As a South Carolina resident, you can be a part of helping us discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat such diseases as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and Stroke.

Signing up to be a donor is easy.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Complete and return the Donor Registration Form

  • (by mail)  19 Hagood Avenue, Suite 806, MSC 250510, Charleston, SC 29425   OR
  • (by email)  OR
  • (by fax) 843-792-0679

2. Upon receipt of the Donor Registration Form, we will send you a wallet-sized Donor Card. We encourage all potential donors to carry this card with them, as it may help facilitate the donation process

3. Have a family discussion to inform your loved ones about your decision to become a donor. It is also important to make your physician aware of your decision

4. At the time of impending death, please call (843) 792-7867 to notify our staff, so arrangements can be made. Please provide the following information:
                  ⇒ Name and date of birth of donor
                  ⇒ Current location of donor
                  ⇒ Name, address and telephone number of the legal next-of-kin
                  ⇒ Cause of death (if known)

5. A Post-mortem Consent Form must be completed by the legal next-of-kin after death in order to authorize the removal of the brain. This form must be presented at the time of autopsy. The family must also authorize the release of medical records to the Carroll A. Campbell Jr Neuropathology Laboratory

Interested in making a financial donation? Call Rebekah Hardin at (843) 792-3699 or email at


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