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Research Registry Newsletters

EditionCRC HighlightAlpha DocResearchHuman Interest
2013 FallBoston Medical Center

Dr. Andrew Wilson

Dr. Darrell Kotton



4000th Registry Participant

Marriage, relationships are good for an Alpha's health

Ohio State UniversityDr. Mark Wewers

Carbamazepine Study

Lung Blood Vessel Study

Helping a Pioneer

Newborn Screening Concerns

Dr. Charlie StrangeVolunteering for Research

The Partnership!

Two Student Perspectives on Alpha-1

Know your Letters?

University of IowaDr. Jeff WilsonNDRI

ACT tests it's 10,000th patient

An Alpha-1 Diagnosis can lead to empowerment

Webcam's for Genetic Counseling?

Clinical Trial in Gene Therapy

Building Friends for a Cure

Are your Muscles Wasting?

NIH Helping Patient Registries

St. Louis UniversityDr. Jeffrey Teckman

What Helps an Alpha?

Four Generations of an Alpha-1 Family

News from Capitol Hill

Learning More about the "S" Gene

University of MinnesotaDr. Chris WendtPFT Study

Do You Have a Really Rare Gene?

When Genetic Discrimination is Against the Law

What is a Genetic Counselor?

Dr. Charlie Strange

The Rare Lung Disease Consortium

DNA & Tissue Bank

Panniculitis in Alpha-1

A Helping Hand for Parents of Alpha-1 Children

Understanding COPD

Dr. Charlie StrangeCT Scan for Emphysema

Alpha-1 After Age 60

Best of the Web:

The Differences Between Alpha-1 Products

Dr. James Stocks

Asthma Survey

Update on Gene Therapy

Genetic Testing In Children

Impact of Alpha-1 on Siblings

Advocacy and Public Policy

UCLADr. Chris CooperAralast Summary

Diagnosis Trends in the Alpha-1 Community

Alpha-1 After 60

Walsh Wins Health Foundation Grant

National Jewish Medical and Research CenterDr. Robert SandhausThe National Survey

Hepatotoxicity in Alpha-1

National Targeted Detection Program

2004 FallLahey ClinicDr. Anthony CampagnaAlpha-1 Genetic Modifier Study

Liver Disease and Alpha-1

ICD-9 Code

New Grantees 2004

The Pediatric Liver Care Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterDr. William Balistreri

Sibling Study

Insight on Clincal Trials

The Alpha-1 Foundation's Fourth International Scientific Conference

Registry Database Security Update

Brigham and Women's HospitalDr. Edwin Silverman

Alpha-1 Genetic Modifier Study

ACT Study

COPD and Alpha-1

International Patient Meeting Notes

Stem Cell Therapies in Reparative Medicine

Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MinnesotaDr. Krowka

Aventis Infusion Trial

Alpha-1 Sibling Pair Genetic Study

Alpha-1 Foundation Update

Florida Alpha-1 Screening and Detection Program

Dr. Charlie Strange

Genetic Discrimination Study

Dr. Trapnell made New Scientific Director

Advocacy Victory Alphas are Heard on Captiol Hill

The James P. Mara Center for Lung DiseaseDr. Sandhaus

Fernandez Liver Research

[4-PBA] Mediated Secretion Rescue Study

Plasma Safety

DNA and Tissue Bank Established

Alpha-1 Foundation IrelandDr. Sandhaus

Family Linkage Study

$2 Million Awarded for Research

2002 by 2002!

The Pediatric Perspective of Lung Disease

Immortal Liver Cells

Cleveland Clinic FoundationDr. SandhausClinical Trials Update

Conference on Genetics and Ethics

An Alpha's Perspective- Conference Summary

Dr. Sandhaus

Alpha-1 Research Registry Recruitment

Prolastin Study

Effectiveness of the Alpha Community

Historical Aspects of the Alpha-1 Liver

Alpha-1 Nutrition and Exercise

National Jewish Medical and Research Center

Aerosolized Alpha-1 Trial

Skeletal Muscle Mediated Gene Therapy Study

Alpha Perspective-Clinical Trial Participation

Characteristics, Functioning and Well Being in Marriages Confronting A1AD


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