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Alumni Affairs


Alumni Affairs

College of Health Professions Alumni Awards & Recognitions

2014 Alumni Awards

Now accepting nominations for the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award:

Award Criteria and Nomination Form

Deadline: September 3, 2014

Distinguished Alumni Service Award Criteria

The Distinguished Alumnus Award is given annually to one or more graduates of the MUSC College of Health Professions in recognition of outstanding professional achievement, service to the individual’s profession, the community, the College, and/or the University, excellence in leadership, professional growth, and/or educational advancement or service.

2013 Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient

Eleanor Hickman Durgee, BS, MT, MLT, MA (ASCP)

Eleanor Durgee
Eleanor Hickman Durgee

Ms. Eleanor Hickman Durgee graduated from MUSC in 1989 with a Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology at the age of 46. Eleanor worked as a Medical Laboratory Technician and a Clinical Chemist at the VA Hospital in Charleston after graduation. Eleanor now works part-time for the Center for Evaluation and Teaching at MUSC. Although Eleanor has many career accomplishments, her greatest accomplishments and contributions have been as a professional volunteer. At the age of 14, Eleanor began volunteering with the elderly in a senior’s home. This sparked her passion for volunteering and as a result, Eleanor has worked harder and longer hours for her volunteer causes than many professional people do for their paid positions.

In 1991, Eleanor was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since her treatment, Eleanor has been active in survivorship work including volunteering as a counselor at Camp Bluebird, a retreat for adult cancer survivors sponsored by MUSC’s Hollings Cancer center, and counseling others diagnosed with breast cancer at New Image, a breast cancer support group.

Eleanor’s desire to help others has led her on several medical mission trips to Haiti, Honduras, and Guatemala where she solicited for much needed medical supplies and equipment, delivered them, and taught hospital personnel how to properly use the equipment.

Eleanor has also dedicated her time to helping children in underprivileged schools by providing scholarships and other financial assistance to disadvantaged children.

Throughout her career as a professional volunteer, Eleanor has received numerous awards. These awards include being featured in the “High Profile” section of the Post and Courier, and the Presidential Merit Award given by the President and Board of Trustees at MUSC for remarkable dedication to public service locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally.

Congratulations Eleanor, our 2013 MUSC College of Health Professions Distinguished Alumnus Award Winner!

Past Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipients

1986   Janet Susan Smith Leech ’75 (Health Information Administration)
1989   Janet Crilly Parmalee ’77 (Health Information Administration)  
1990   Robert D. Hibdon ’79 (Radiology)   
1991   Patricia H. Sullivan ’86 (Respiratory Technology)   
1992   Mary Quinn Jansen ’74 ’84 (Medical Technology; Health Sciences) 
1993   Mary Eileen Leonard ’47 (Medical Technology)     
1994   Mary G. Callahan ’53 (Medical Technology)    
1995   Stephen G. Lutfy ’87 (Health Services Administration)    
1996   Wanda C. Hancock ’84 ’87 (Radiation Therapy; Health Services Administration) 
1997   Angela M. Hard ’85 (Physical Therapy)      
1998   W. Sean Irvin ’76 ’01 (Physician Assistant; Health Sciences)  
1999   E. Dargan Ervin ’81 ’82 (Physical Therapy)    
            William F. Minikiewicz ’95 (Health Sciences)
2000   James B. Smith, Jr. ’81 ’97 (Medical Technology; Health Information Administration)
2001   David Somers ’80 ’81 (Physical Therapy; Health Sciences)    
2002   Diane Kennedy Mathews ’97 (Health Professions Education)    
2003   Ruby Sonnett ’70 (Medical Technology)    
2005   Richard Toomey ’01 (Health Administration)    .
2006   E. Blair Holladay ’85 (Cytotechnology) 
2007   Marilyn Swygert ’85 (Health Sciences)    
2008   Ninfa Saunders ’06 (Health Administration)    
2009   Steve Jones ’99 (Health Administration)
2012   John M. Sanders ’89 (Health Services Administration)    
2013   Eleanor Hickman Durgee ’89 (Medical Technology)

*No award was given in 1987, 1988, 2004, 2010 and 2011

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