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The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) has served the citizens of South Carolina since 1824. It has expanded from a small private college for the training of physicians to the state's only free standing academic health sciences center with a medical center and six colleges educating a broad range of health professionals, biomedical scientists and other health related personnel.

Since its creation in 1892, the MUSC Alumni Association has fostered and strengthened life-long relationships between the University, alumni and friends. The first graduate of MUSC was Dr. Eli Geddings, who completed his medical training in 1825. Since that time, more than 26,000 women and men have completed the University's educational and clinical training programs and joined the ranks to become alumni of one of the country's finest higher education institutions.

In 1969, the institution received university status and its six schools were designated as colleges, each with its own administration, faculty organization and eventually their own alumni associations.

In order to better meet the need of all MUSC alumni and the six colleges, the MUSC Alumni Association began restructuring in the early 1980s. This restructuring entailed creating alumni associations for each college at the University. Since the creation of this multi-college alumni association structure, membership has grown considerably. MUSC Alumni Association as a whole currently benefits from an active participation rate of 39%, with individual MUSC alumni groups having active membership as high as 69%.

Programs, activities, dues and benefits are designed specifically for each college by their respective alumni associations in order to better serve each health discipline and their alumni. Each college alumni association has its own leadership with officers. Special events, scholarships, awards and other special initiatives are developed during the course of the year through the oversight of each group's leadership. Learn more about each alumni college group.

MUSC is extremely proud of its alumni and realizes that the ongoing success of the University is largely dependent on the success of its alumni. For this reason, the Office of Alumni Affairs serves as a resource dedicated to providing administrative and leadership support to the alumni of MUSC.

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