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The Distinguished Alumnus Award is given annually to one or more graduates of the MUSC College of Health Professions in recognition of outstanding professional achievement, service to the individual’s profession, the community, the College, and/or the University, excellence in leadership, professional growth, and/or educational advancement or service.

Now accepting nominations for the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award: Award Criteria & Nomination Form (PDF) Deadline: September 3, 2014

Award Recipient Bios

2015 Distinguished Alumnus Awards
Both Dr. Michael Burcham, DHA Class of 2003 and Dr. Brian R. Poplin, DHA Class of 2010 were awarded the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award.
2013 Distinguished Alumnus Award: Eleanor H Durgee
Throughout her career as a professional volunteer, Eleanor has received numerous awards. These awards include being featured in the “High Profile” section of the Post and Courier, and the Presidential Merit Award…
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Previous Award Recipients


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