I am so excited to write a prologue for our first monthly e-newsletter. Over the last few months, 72 dentists were welcomed into the Alumni Association with their graduation from the program and 76 new dental students joined us in the class of 2022. At the same time, we were honored with the attendance of 700 guests at our white coat ceremony, where 74 student doctors were inducted into the clinical component of the DMD program. We also welcomed new residents into our outstanding graduate training programs.

Our focus remains on providing the best didactic education and clinical excellence. To continue providing positive clinical experiences, we have undertaken a major task of exploring a collaboration between the College of Dental Medicine and MUSC Health. The goal of this collaboration is to construct a five-year strategic plan that will allow for clinical integration with MUSC Health. We continue to serve the state and the residents of South Carolina through the advancement of education, care delivery, and policy innovations. Our faculty continue to serve the Medical University and represent us with CODA, other national committees, and organized dentistry. We also continue to lead the country with the implementation of cutting-edge digital dentistry and 3-D print technologies.

Our staff members represent us extremely well and our newly formed Staff Congress will transform communication and interactions in ways we have not known before. So far, they have invited speakers and organized team-building events. In June, we also had a visit from Dr. Jeanne Sinkford, and she lifted our spirits with an inspiring message.

Our leadership and faculty are participating in two one-day summer retreats this month that I believe will be very beneficial in shaping our vision for the future. On Aug. 1, the Dean’s Leadership Council met to discuss and frame our mission, vision and purpose. On Aug. 20, our entire faculty will convene to discuss the impact of the new Integrated National Boards on our students’ education.

In the coming months, you will continue to see a greater online presence for the college. We strive to keep up with ever-changing technologies so that we can share our empowering story and our exciting message. A new scholarship campaign will soon launch with the goal of serving the future students of the College of Dental Medicine, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates on social media and the website.

One of the most exciting events occurred on August 10, when we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new dental robot. This robot is the first of its kind in North and South America, a fact of which we are very proud. With your help, we have accomplished much and I believe that the success of the college has no limitations.

With gratitude,

Sarandeep Huja