Isolite tools in patients mouth

The restorative process in dentistry is very demanding, and helping our students and their patients achieve consistent, proper isolation is imperative to achieving successful outcomes. That is why a very generous donation from the former Isolite Systems, now Zyris™ Isolite Systems, to the College of Dental Medicine and its outreach clinics, is of great importance.

Isolite tools

The Isovac adapters and equipment that will be provided by Zyris™ will provide an effective, patient-friendly alternative to the traditional rubber dam isolation for dental procedures. This equipment will be installed at every clinical chair in the College of Dental Medicine, and training on their use will be provided to all rising junior and senior students and faculty members each year to promote optimal, consistent use with each succeeding class and incoming faculty in future years. 

Controlling the oral environment during dental procedures is critical, and the addition of these Isovac adapters in the dental clinics will be an incredible asset. Complete oral environment control allows the student clinician to maximize the efficacy of technique-sensitive dental material utilizations and helps deliver high-quality dental treatment. Employing these isolation systems during our students’ education will better aid them in providing better patient care during their time with us and after they have graduated from the College of Dental Medicine.