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Volunteering Opportunities

Alumni volunteers are needed to assist College of Graduate Studies students who are completing their educational program at the Medical University of South Carolina and preparing to seek employment or additional training in their disciplines. A directory of alumni whom students may contact for career advice is being updated. This information will be available on-line through the College of Graduate Studies' special student careers web site.

If you can help with this important project and have not updated your participation within the past year, please use the on-line alumni biographical update form to send your current contact information with the MUSC Alumni Office for the directory for students. In the "I would like to share information…" space at the bottom of the electronic form, please indicate your interest in participating in the student career directory and advise of any restrictions on how students should contact you. If you prefer students to contact you in a certain way (i.e., only by e-mail, etc.), please note this in the same area. We will publish only the desired contact information in the directory for students.

The directory will be updated periodically, so please be sure to send address changes to the Alumni Office as needed if you are a volunteer mentor for students.