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"Office Hours: Discussing Clever Teaching Strategies"
(A Panel Discussion)
December 13, 2012

"Harry Potter and The Deathly Lecture"
Joe Vuthiganon, DMD
December 11, 2012

"Moodle Upgrade: Enhancements and New Features" (Tegrity)
Dusti Annan-Coultas
Stan Sulkowski
December 3, 2012

"Writing and Citing: Why do We Plagiarize?" (Tegrity)
Shannon Richards-Slaughter and Tom Smith
November 14, 2012

"Presentation Zen: Designing For Effective Presentations"
Walter Renne
November 13, 2012

"The New Era of Academic Accreditation Standards" (Tegrity)
Suzanne Thomas
November 7, 2012

"REDCap Survey - An Introduction" (Tegrity)
October 24, 2012

"Reaching Today's Learner With iOS6 and iBooks Author"
Mr. Grey Mull,  Apple, Inc.
Dr. Walter Renne, College of Dental Medicine
October 17, 2012

"Author, Author! Free and Easy Self-Publishing"
Dr. Jennifer Schnellmann
October 4, 2012

"Turnitin - Checking The Originality of Students' Writing in Moodle" (Tegrity, Instructor Tutorial)
Stan Sulkowski
September 26, 2012

"Behavioral Support and Intervention Team: A New Resource for MUSC Students" (Tegrity)
Alyssa Rheingold and Shannon Drayton
September 19, 2012

"Question Everything: How Will QBL Change the Way You Teach?" (Tegrity)
Matt Bradshaw  (4th year medical student), Jason Wheeler (MD/PhD student), Joe Adams, M.D., Lisa Kerr, Ph.D., Jennie Ariail, Ph.D.
September 13, 2012

"Tegrity 101" (Handout)
Geoff Freeman, Damon Amella, Dusti Annan-Coultas, Jonathan Coultas, Gary Melancon
September 12, 2012

"New to Moodle - Navigating The Course Management System For The First Time" (Tegrity)
Stan Sulkowski

"NIH CTSA Grant and SCTR SUCCESS Center: Research support resources for faculty" (Tegrity, Handout)
Royce R. Sampson, MSN, RN, CRA, SCTR COO and SUCCESS Center Director
Stephanie Gentilin, MA, CCRA, SCTR SUCCESS Center Associate Director

"Feedback Use In Moodle"
Inda Johnson

"Apps In Education" (Video)
Dusti Annan-Coultas, Patty Coker-Bolt, & Stan Sulkowski

“Building and Using Your REDCap Database” (Tegrity, Slides)
John Clark, Susan Fisher, Stephanie Oppenheimer, and Amy Wahlquist

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Lecture: Magic and Cases in the Classroom”
Drs. Lindsey Hamil and Joe Vuthiganon, College of Dental Medicine

Advanced Topics in Moodle
Dusti Annan-Coultas, Thierry Bacro, and Inda Johnson

Active Learning Panel Discussion

Innovative Teaching Methods

Student Perspectives on Effective Feedback: A Panel Discussion
Moderator: Dusti Annan-Coultas, College of Health Professions

Clinical Competencies: How to prepare students for patient care and clinical rotations
Moderator: Patty Coker-Bolt, College of Health Professions

File Submission Solutions:  How to format and provide proper digital files for publication (Tegrity)
University Press Graphic Design Team

Writing and Citing: Persuasion and Plagiarism (Tegrity)
Center for Academic Excellence and the Writing Center

Teaching Millenial Students (Tegrity)
Melissa Evans

Adobe Connect
Damon Amella
For more information or to seek training, contact Mr. Amella at

Tegrity For Beginners
Dusti Annan-Coultas, Gary Melancon, Damon Amella, Geoff Freeman, Jonathan Coultas

REDCap Survey Information Session (Tegrity)
John Clark and Susan Fisher

How My Department Saved $25,000 Using Moodle (Tegrity, PDF)
Laura Kasman


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