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How to import grades in Moodle

Why would you want to import grades into Moodle? One good reason for importing grades is that you can do grade calculations outside of the system and then easily enter your work in the gradebook without manual entry. Here is what the process looks like in 7 steps:

  1. Perhaps counterintuitively, the first thing you should actually do is export a spreadsheet of grades from your course for you to add grades to. Start by navigating to "Grades" in your course's Settings Block.

    Grades in the Settings Block
  2. Go to the "Export" tab, select the "Excel spreadsheet" sub-tab, select the grade items you would like to update, and then choose the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. Give the export preview a onceover and then select the "Download" button.

    Export and Excel spreadsheet tabs
  3. Open up the Excel spreadsheet you just downloaded and add your grades to the appropriate column(s).

    Excel screenshot
  4. When you are finished, go to the File menu in Excel and choose "Save As...". In the Format dropdown menu, make sure you select "Windows Comma Separated (.csv)". Choose "Save" and if you get a message that "This workbook contains features that will not work..." just select "Continue".

    Excel Save As
  5. Head back to the Grades section of your Moodle course and select the "Import" tab and the "CSV file" sub-tab. Drag-and-drop the .csv file you created in Step #4 into the upload area. Keep all of the other options at the default and select the "Upload grades" button.

    Drag and drop grade upload
  6. Give the import preview a onceover and ensure everything looks correct. In the "Identify user by" section, make sure your "Map from" selection is "Email address" and your "Map to" selection is "useremail". In the "Grade item mappings" section, make sure the selection next to the grade items you are modifying is not "ignore" and instead matches the grade items being modified (e.g. In the screenshot below, I am modifying the grade item "Forum: The Invincibles Discussion". I changed the dropdown menu next to that grade item from "ignore" to "Forum: The Invincibles Discussion". This tells Moodle which column in my Excel file matches that grade item.). Select the "Upload grades" button.

    Moodle grade import
  7. If everything was set up correctly, you should receive a success message!

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