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Moodle - Personalized Learning Designer

What is the Personalized Learning Designer in Moodle and how can I use it to create rules and automation in my course?

  1. Introduction
  2. Access
  3. Rules Summary Page
  4. Events
  5. Conditions
  6. Actions
  7. Conclusion and Manual


The Personalized Learning Designer (PLD) offers instructors the ability to designate rules for when specific Moodle course events occur.

Some examples of PLD rules:

  • A student earning a failing grade on an activity could receive an automated email from the instructor asking to set up a meeting
  • Course activities could be released to a student based on date or performance on other activities
  • Instructors could receive emails when students have completed specific course activities
  • Send emails to students when specific courses activities have been graded
  • Offer a personalized greeting when a student accesses a course or activity
  • Automatically add or remove students from groups based on activity performance and email students to notify them when this has occurred
  • If a quiz is viewed, but the student has not read a particular lesson, show an alert instructing them to read the lesson before taking the quiz
  • When a forum is viewed, show an alert with instructions that you don't want the student to overlook


The PLD can be accessed two ways in your course.

  1. The PLD link in the Settings block will take you to the Rules Summary Page:

    PLD in Settings block
  2. If you know a specific activity needs a PLD rule, you may turn editing on and select the PLD icon next to that activity to go to the Rules Summary Page with that activity in focus:

    PLD activity icon

Rules Summary Page

Once on the Rules Summary Page, you may view and edit existing rules, see the history of existing rules, and add new rules.

PLD Rules Summary Page

To begin using the Personalized Learning Designer, select the "Add a Rule" button on the Rules Summary Page.


You will be taken to the Events Tab, where you name your rule and define what course event you would like to create an action for.

PLD Events Tab

Here are the event types you may choose from:

  • Activity completed
  • Activity graded
  • Activity viewed
  • Quiz or assignment submitted
  • Forum reply
  • Forum topic post
  • User added to group
  • User removed from group
  • Course entered
  • Course grade change
  • Specific date and time
  • Recurring event

Select the event type you would like to use (and any sub-options for that event) and select the "Add" button.


Once you have specified the event to create a rule for, you may add constraints to that event in the Conditions Tab (but you do not have to). Adding conditions is useful if you do not want a rule to fire EVERY time an event occurs (e.g. you want a rule to notify students when an activity is graded but only if their grade falls within a defined range).

PLD Conditions Tab

Here are the conditions you may choose:

  • Another activity viewed
  • Another activity completed
  • Activity grade range
  • User role check
  • Group membership check
  • Course grade change
  • Course login
  • Date check

You may add multiple conditions for your event. If you do, you can select whether any or all of these conditions must be met in order to trigger an action.

Select the condition(s) you would like to use (and any sub-options) and select the "Add" button.


After defining your event and conditions, you may then use the Actions Tab to choose what happens when that event occurs and those conditions are met.

PLD Actions Tab

Here are the actions you may choose:

  • Display alert
  • Send e-mail
  • Go to activity
  • Go to URL
  • Unlock course resources protected by a specific release code
  • Lock course resources protected by a specific release code
  • Add user to group
  • Remove user from group

Select the action(s) you would like to use (and any sub-options) and select the "Add" button.

Once you have chosen your event, conditions, and actions, make sure to select the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to turn on your newly-created rule.

Conclusion and Manual

The Personalized Learning Designer is a very powerful way to automate portions of your course. Give it a try!

For more information, the official Personalized Learning Designer Manual is available at


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