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Moodle My Home

Ever wanted to customize the page you see when you log in to Moodle? Maybe you would like to re-order the courses available to you, or only display a certain number of courses? How about rearranging some blocks on your home page? If this sounds interesting, Moodle's "My Home" page is for you.

To begin, select the "My home" link in the Navigation block of your current Moodle home page (you may also navigate directly there using

Moodle my home link

The page you are presented with is quite similar to your current Moodle home page with some important differences:

Moodle my home page

Try selecting the "Customize this page" button in the top right corner:

Moodle customize this page button

You will notice that some new options appear in the Course overview column:

Moodle customization options

If you click-and-hold on the cross icon to the left of a course name, you may drag that course up or down in the Course overview list.

The "Number of courses to display" dropdown menu allows you to customize how many courses show up in the Course overview column; all of your courses will still be available to you in your Navigation block under "My Courses":

Moodle number of courses to display

As you may already be imagining, the option to reorder courses and only show a certain number of courses can be used in tandem to clean up your course listing. Drag the courses that matter the most to you to the top of the Course overview list, count up those courses, and use the display dropdown menu to only show that number of courses. This will hide the rest of your courses from the Course overview. As mentioned previously, all of your courses will still be available to you in your Navigation block under "My Courses".

You may also reorder the blocks on this page by selecting the Move icon on the block:

Moodle block move icon

Another fun feature of this "My Home" page is the glanceable data about each course that it can provide, including assignment and forum notifications:

Moodle my home course notifications

You may bookmark to log in to Moodle and go directly to "My Home".


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