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Foundations In Teaching And Learning - A Series For Educators

Previous: 2013

To receive a certificate of completion:

  • Attend 5 of the 7 sessions and complete online evaluations of each session attended
  • Find a mentor, observe them teaching, and complete an observation form
  • Review an article of your choice related to teaching or learning
  • Write a paragraph about a change you will make to an existing course or how you plan to integrate something learned during the series
  • Begin development of a teaching portfolio** including a statement of teaching, evaluations by peer review or students, and your curriculum vitae
  • Complete post-series assessment

Completion Due Date:  January 31, 2015

**Portfolio - Please note that these are the required components of a teaching portfolio participants may submit as part of the MUSC Apple Tree sponsored New Faculty Teaching Series. These components may not be required, or there may be additional components to consider, when compiling a teaching portfolio for other purposes, such as for promotion within one's academic unit or for membership to other teaching academies or teaching-related organizations. When compiling a teaching portfolio for other purposes, participants should be sure to clarify what components may be required for those purposes.


A 7-part series for faculty new to teaching or experienced faculty who want to share their expertise and explore additional teaching strategies.  The series will provide opportunities for learning, networking, and mentoring.

12:00 - 1:00 PM

Dates / Topics:

  1. September 4 - Session #1: Getting Ready to Teach (Start with the End in Mind) (Basic Science Building, Room 502)
  2. September 18 - Session #2: Portfolios (Clinical Science Building, Room 628)
  3. October 2 - Session #3: Instructional Design Nuggets (Clinical Science Building, Room 628)
  4. October 15 - Session #4: Teaching Methods and Techniques (Basic Science Building, Room 502)
  5. October 29 - Session #5: Formative Assessment (Clinical Science Building, Room 628)
  6. November 6 - Session #6:  Summative Assessment, Part I (Clinical Science Building, Room 628)
  7. November 20 - Session #7: Summative Assessment, Part II: The Role of Testing in Teaching: Creating Effective Test Questions (College of Health Professions A106)

Participants will complete out of class assignments and engage in interactive sessions, mentoring, shadowing, and other experiences useful for building a teaching portfolio.

Session #1: Getting Ready to Teach (Start with the End in Mind)

Mary Mauldin, EdD
Joe Vuthiganon, DMD
Jennie Ariail, PhD

Tegrity Recording -

Getting Ready to Teach (Powerpoint)
Millenials Handout With Links (Word)

Session #2: Portfolios

Lindsey Hamil, PhD
Gretchen Seif, 

Assembling Your Teaching Portfolio (PDF)
Suggested Contents For Your Teaching Portfolio (PDF)
Gretchen Seif's Teaching Portfolio (PDF)

Session #3: Instructional Design Nuggets

Mary Mauldin, EdD
Dusti Annan-Coultas, EdD

Kate A. Lenert

Tegrity Recording -

Examples of Appropriate Activities for Learning Objectives (PDF)

Session #4: Teaching Methods and Techniques

Ryan Buckley, MD
Ben Kalivas, MD
Laura Kasman, PhD
Lee Lewis, MD
Tony Mennito, DMD
Kelly Ragucci, PharmD
Shannon B. Smith, DNP, APRN, ACNS-BC
Jack Thomas, EdD

Ragan Dubose-Morris, PhD
Stan Sulkowski

Tegrity Recording -

Session #5: Formative Assessment

Holly Wise, PhD


Session #6:  Summative Assessment, Part I

Michael Kern, PhD

Tegrity Recording -

Session #7: Summative Assessment, Part II: The Role of Testing in Teaching: Creating Effective Test Questions

Jennie Ariail, PhD

Tegrity Recording -

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