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Core Components
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Clinical Research Components
Drs. Anton & Myrick 
Drs. Danielson & Thomas

Basic Science Research Components
Drs. Griffin & Becker
Drs. Chandler & Lopez
Dr. Woodward

Administrative Core
The Administrative Core is the hub of the Charleston Alcohol Research Center. It acts as the coordinating center for six components (two clinical research components, three basic science research components, one pilot project component), and the Shared Core. The Administrative Core provides the organizational framework that is necessary for the effective and efficient management of Center resources.

Under the supervision of the Center Director, Dr. Howard Becker, the Administrative Core staff manages the day-to-day operations of the Center, addresses emergent and scientific issues, monitors all budgetary matters, defines and develops internal and external quality control mechanisms, integrates all the components of the Center, acts as a liaison between the Center and the local and regional community, and, provides professional development and scientific enrichment experiences.

The Administrative Core offers expert leadership and a strong organizational structure. This Core has had minimal turnover in staff since its inception, and provides an experienced and proven infrastructure that is well able to ensure that the Charleston Alcohol Research Center accomplishes its objectives.


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