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Theme and Philosophy 
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Scientific Director
Program Advisory Committee   

Core Components
Administrative Core
Scientific  Enrichment
Pilot Component    
Shared Core 

Clinical Research Components
Drs. Anton & Myrick 
Drs. Danielson & Thomas

Basic Science Research Components
Drs. Griffin & Becker
Drs. Chandler & Lopez
Dr. Woodward

Charleston ARC Faculty

Faculty members and their roles in the Center are listed alphabetically below. For more information on each faculty member, click their name to view a biographical sketch or click their email address to send them a message. 

Dr. Raymond Anton
Scientific Director
Research Component #4 Principal Investigator
Genetics Core Supervisor for Shared Core
Dr. Howard Becker

Center Director
Research Component #1 Co-Principal Investigator
Director, Shared Core

Dr. Judson Chandler
Research Component #2 Principal Investigator
Dr. Carla Danielson
Research Component #5 Principal Investigator
Dr. Heather Trantham-Davidson
Research Component #3 Co-Investigator
Dr. William (Tripp) C. Griffin, III
Research Component #1 Co-Principal Investigator
Dr. Marcelo Lopez

Research Component #1 Co-Principal Investigator
Animal Model Core Supervisor of Shared Core

Dr. Bob Malcolm
Pilot Project Component Co-Director
Dr. Patrick Mulholland
Pilot Project Principal Investigator
Dr. Hugh Myrick

 Research Component #4 Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Patrick Randall
Biostatistics Core Supervisor of Shared Core
Dr. Ron See
Research Component #2 Co-Investigator
Dr. Suzanne Thomas 
Research Component #5 Co-Principal Investigator
Dr. Konstantin Voronin
Research Component #4 Co-Investigator
Pilot Project Co-Investigator
Dr. John Woodward
Research Component #3 Principal Investigator
Director, Pilot Project Component



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