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Women Scholars Initiative
for the Advancement, Recruitment, and Retention of Women


The Women Scholars Initiative’s mission is focused on the advancement of women faculty across all missions and colleges of MUSC. We conduct various programs throughout the year to support this mission. We accomplish this with the help of a large group of women faculty volunteering their time to the WSI.

Arrive, Achieve, Aspire

For each and every woman here at the Medical University of South Carolina, it is important to remember, that we indeed stand on the shoulders of giants. The women who came before us, who paved the way for our entrance into this remarkable world of the

health professions and sciences, have never been appropriately recognized. These are the women who seized the challenge of becoming the first nursing, medical, and health professions students; the women who came here to teach them; and those who took their training and - in so many ways - added to society. Their struggles are often difficult for many women to imagine, but they provided the means for us to follow our own paths. Their achievements stand as a monument to their courage, their intelligence, and their willingness to follow their dreams against any odds. It is a great honor to be able to bring their stories before you. While we acknowledge that we have not been able to recognize all of the women who helped to establish a place for women here at MUSC, we do hope that we can provide enough of their story to inspire others to learn more about their history.
 Video: The Story of Women at MUSC (wmv)

NEW Exhibit

Opening Doors: Women at the Medical University of South Carolina

As of July 2010, the Waring Historical Library and MUSC University Archives announce the opening of this new web exhibit. This is a “living exhibit,” so new profiles will be added each month. Visit the exhibit at:
Description: Women’s roles at the Medical University of South Carolina are as varied as the women themselves. From the announcement of the acceptance of female students in 1895 to the selection of the first female Dean of the College of Medicine in 2010, women have significantly influenced and impacted the direction of the Medical University. In their roles as faculty, staff, and students, these pioneers opened up the health professions and the field of scientific research to generations of females hoping to pursue careers in medicine and science. The following women are but a few of the hundreds of women that have made their mark.

For more information about the web exhibit, please contact Brooke Fox, University Archivist at


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