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Advancement, Recruitment, and Retention of Women in Science (ARROWS)

About Us

The College of Medicine has established a center supported by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for the advancement of women scientists. The Center for ARROWS (Advancement, Recruitment, and Retention of Women Scientists) will provide programs and supports specifically for female PhD scientists or similar female faculty focused on research. 



MUSC College of Medicine team first in the country to be awarded ADVANCE grant by National Science Foundation to focus on women scientist faculty at medical schools

ARROW name change defines women faculty, researchers across campus missions

ARROW establishes new diversity group, plans Sept. 24 networking event

Kitty Trask Holt funding supports research for scleroderma cure

Kathryn Magruder, MPH, PhD, recently received the H.A. Tyroler Distinguished Alumni Award, sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Epidemiology Chapter of the School of Public Health

Dr. Carol Feghali-Bostwick received the University of Pittsburgh 2014 Innovator of the Year Award 

Scientist Honored for her Role in Mentoring Women at MUSC

The Effect of an Intervention to Break the Gender Bias Habit for Faculty at One Institution: A Cluster Randomized, Controlled Trial






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