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Women Scholars Initiative
for the Advancement, Recruitment, and Retention of Women

Faculty Supports

Parenting and Family Medical Resources (Childcare)
To facilitate collaboration between representatives across campus to collectively work on establishing childcare options and parentl leave at MUSC. 
Led by Paula Ramos and Andreana Benitez

Parking Assistance for Expectant Employees
When employees are experiencing medical complications or difficulties with their pregnancies and need temporary assistance with personal parking, the MUSC Office of Parking Management is prepared to help. It's as simple as getting your physician to complete a brief form! Please see the Parking assistance for temporarily disabled employees under Additional Parking Options in the Parking Management website for complete information on how to apply here.  

Guidelines for Use of MUSC Breast Pumping Rooms

Suggestions for identifying a convenient room for lactation/breast pumping

Diversity and Ethnic Relations Committee

To identify and assist women faculty who are underrepresented minorities to pursue leadership training, career development, and networking opportunities, as well as identify specific needs ARROW can address for improving advancement of underrepresented minority women faculty
Led by Dr. Cristina Lopez  

Focused Leadership Newsletter

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