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Meet the ASAP Faculty

Himanshu P. Upadhyaya, MBBS, MS

Dr. Himanshu Upadhyaya completed his graduate program in neuropharmacology at the University of Texas at Austin. He completed his residency in general psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati and completed fellowships in child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as addiction psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is currently an Associate Professor, director of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program, and director of Substance Abuse Education for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program in the Department of Psychiatry at MUSC. He has received a number of research awards from organizations such as American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, American Psychiatric Association, College of Problems of Drug Dependence, and National Institutes of Health. Dr. Upadhyaya has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Upadhyaya's current research interests include exploring the neurobiology, biobehavioral aspects, and treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring psychiatric / substance use disorders in adolescents.

Deborah Deas, MD, MPH

Dr. Deborah Deas received a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Charleston and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. She is Associate Dean of the School of Medicine Admissions at the Medical University of South Carolina. She is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina and is board certified in adult psychiatry, child/adolescent psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. Dr. Deas is Director of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at the Institute of Psychiatry, Medical University of South Carolina, Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs. She has published in several peer-reviewed journals and won national awards in her areas of expertise. She received the Golden Apple Award for Teaching in Child/Adolescent Psychiatry.

Current projects underway are as follows: 1) Naltrexone Treatment of Adolescent Alcoholics, 2) Sertraline Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and 3) Genetics of Alcohol Dependence Disequilibrium Studies.

                                                                                                    Matthew J. Carpenter, Ph.D.

Dr. Matthew Carpenter is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, with a joint appointment in the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control at the Hollings Cancer Center at MUSC.  Dr. Carpenter completed his doctoral training in clinical psychology at the University of Vermont.  He then furthered his training during a clinical internship with an emphasis on behavioral medicine, followed by a NIDA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Substance Abuse, both at MUSC.  Dr. Carpenter is a member of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT), the Society for Behavioral Medicine (SBM), and the American Psychological Association (APA).  He has served as a reviewer for a number of journals, including Nicotine and Tobacco Research, Tobacco Control, Addiction, and Addictive Behaviors.  He has published numerous articles in his early career and has made well over two dozen presentations at regional and national scientific conferences.  In 2006, Dr. Carpenter was acknowledged with an Early Career Investigator Award from NIDA.

Dr. Carpenter's research interests include cessation induction strategies for smokers, including harm reduction strategies for smoking cessation (e.g., smoking reduction, Potentially Reduced Exposure Products (PREPs)) and NRT sampling; Barriers to smoking cessation among recalcitrant smokers; and Lab-based studies of cue reactivity, both among daily and intermittent smokers.

                                                                                                                  Kevin Gray, MD

Dr. Gray is an Assistant Professor in the division of Youth Psychiatry.  He received his B.S. from Clemson University and his M.D. from MUSC, where he went on to complete his residency in adult and child and adolescent psychiatry.  Dr. Gray was awarded the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Physician Scientist Program in Substance Abuse K12 Award in June, 2005.  Dr. Gray's research interests include adolescent substance abuse, with current focus on measurement and treatment of marijuana craving.

                                                                                                               Michael E. Saladin, Ph.D.

Dr. Saladin received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  He completed his clinical psychology internship at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, MUSC.  He has been a faculty member at MUSC for the past 11 years.  He is currently an Associate Professor of Rheabilitation Sciences, and holds a secondary appointment as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.  Dr. Saladin's clinical and research interests focus on the etiology, assessment and treatment of individuals with substance use disorders and co-occurring Axis I disorders (e.g., anxiety disorders).

67 President Street, MSC 861, Charleston, SC 29425-8610, (843)-792-2388