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Department of biochemistry and Molecular biology

Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) in Lipid Biology and New Technologies

Christopher Davies, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
PI and Director

Phone: 843-792-1468
email :

Belinda Andersen
Graduate Program Coordinator
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Phone: 843-792-2476
email :


The central theme of research and graduate education programs at MUSC is excellence in addressing important questions of modern biology. In recent years MUSC has established particular strength in studying lipid metabolism, structure, biology and bioinformatics because lipid molecules have emerged as key regulators of cellular processes leading to the development of many pathobiological disorders, such as cardiovascular and neurological diseases, cancer, inflammation and infectious diseases. Thus, there is a need to foster and train new biologists in this field called “lipidomics” in order to advance our knowledge and discover new approaches for preventing and controlling lipid-mediated disorders.


Students chosen as GAANN fellows receive an annual stipend during the fellowship. In addition to the stipend, support for tuition and health insurance is covered for the first year. $750 for travel to a scientific conference will also be available. Stipends begin August 16.


GAANN Fellows are required to:

  1. Attend monthly seminars conducted by the Apple Tree Society during the first and second years of study.
  2. Enroll in the Teaching Techniques course (CGS 725, 2 cr hr) in the second year of study.
  3. Teach approximately 1 semester at an undergraduate institution, usually The Citadel (CGS-745, 2 cr hr) during the third year of study.

Students Currently Supported by GAANN

James Atkison, PhD student
Ryan DePalma, PhD student
Jordon Gruber, PhD student
Jessica Ross, PhD sutudent
Morgan Stathem, PhD student

Students Previously Supported by GAANN

Thomas Beckham, MD/PhD student (2009-2010)
Tara Burns, PhD student (2009-2010)
Alexis Hoeferlin, PhD student (2009-2010)
Virginia Williams, PhD student (2009-2010)

Travis McQuiston, PhD student (2007-2009)
Marisa Meyers, PhD student (2007-2009)
Alexa Orr, PhD (2007-2009)
Ryan Rhome, MD/PhD student (2007-2009)

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