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Department of biochemistry and Molecular biology

Research and Methods Seminar

Fall 2015

Seminars are held the second and fourth Tuesdays each month, 12:00 - 12:50 pm, in BSB-355, unless otherwise noted.

All Department of Biochemistry graduate students are required to attend.

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
September 8Abigail Washispack
MD/PhD Student
Cowart Lab
The roles of Atg7 and p53 in CerS5-dependent cardiomyocyte autophagy.
September 22Raquela Thomas
PhD Student
Ogretmen Lab
HPV16-E7 enhances ceramide-mediated lethal mitophagy by regulating the Rb/E2F5/Drp1 signaling axis.
October 13James Atkison
PhD Student
Olsen Lab
Structural characteristics of the N-terminal domain of the Nephila clavipes major ampullate spidroin.
October 27Venkatesh Kota, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Heise Lab
Sumoylation of La modulates cell proliferation and cell cycle.
November 10Shuo Qie, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Diehl Lab
Role of SCFFbxo4 E3 ubiquitin ligase in regulating Fxr1 expression.
November 24Dhananjaya Nayak, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Gangaraju Lab
Drosophila Modulo: a novel piRNA pathway factor with critical roles in TGF-β/Activin and Akt signaling.
December 8
Gina Davis
MS Student
Cowart Lab
December 22TBA 

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