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Prospective Students

In parallel with its research thrusts, the CU-MUSC program pursues educational goals aimed at developing a unique brand of bioengineers trained to understand and respond to clinical challenges and perspectives. The graduate-only program offers its students (MS/ PhD) unique opportunities to pursue bioengineering research and education at a medical institution with access to clinical research and training resources and personnel. On average, the program has approximately 30 students, with a current PhD/MS ratio of 8:2. Program students and cross-over interdisciplinary MUSC students can complete required and elective bioengineering courses, taught locally by primary and adjunct faculty and through videoconferencing from participating faculty in the parent bioengineering department at Clemson. In addition, the students can enroll in basic science and clinical MUSC electives for full transfer credit. The graduate educational experience at the CU-MUSC program offers the advantages of personalized graduate education with its small faculty to student enrollee ratios, and a curriculum designed with strong clinical/translational emphasis. 

Recent outcomes of collaborative educational thrusts by Clemson University and the MUSC are the MD/PhD and DMD/PhD programs where students may earn a PhD in bioengineering from the CU-MUSC program. 

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