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Behavioral Support Intervention Team - BSIT


Because you come in frequent contact with many students, you are in an excellent position to observe students, recognize those who are in distress, and offer assistance.  Your care, concern, and assistance will often be enough to help the student.  At other times, you can play a critical role in referring a student for appropriate assistance and in motivating him/her to seek help.  Remember the four R’s:

Recognize.                Respond.                Refer.                Report.


Know your limits as a help-giver; only go as far as your expertise, training, and resources allow. When a student needs more help than you are able or willing to give, it is time to make a referral.

You can provide information for MUSC’s Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) which offers confidential psychological assessments and treatment to MUSC students.  CAPS contact information:  843-792-4930

You may also suggest that the student in need contact MUSC’s Disability Support Services (843-792-1282) to assist students in making accommodations of academic duties related to a physical or mental health disability.

If you believe that no action is being taken and you are still concerned for a student’s well-being, you can make a report to the Behavioral Support and Intervention Team (BSIT) who can assist students through the assessment and referral process in accessing care. Report your concerns and actions taken with a student to the BSIT by contacting a BSIT member.