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Interprofessional Service Learning Project

The Interprofessional Service Learning Project (ISLP) is a pilot project funded in part through the Association of Prevention Teaching and Research and is administered in collaboration with the South Carolina AHEC and the Junior Doctors of Health program.

The goal of ISLP is to provide health professions students with collaborative, interprofessional learning experiences designed to increase their knowledge and skills in health promotion/disease prevention.

Junior Doctors of Health Student Evaluation Spring, 2009

This experience improved my teamwork skills.

This experience improved my understanding of an underserved community.

I acquired information about preventing childhood obesity through this experience.

This experience improved my ability communicate with school-age children and teachers.

I would recommend participation in Junior Doctors of Health to classmates.

I would be interested in participating in Junior Doctors of Health. (Monthly sessions over 3 months, if it was offered in the Fall. Currently, the program runs only in Spring.)

Do you think students would be interested in participating in a Junior Doctors of Health elective? (would include some didactic sessions)

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