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Curricular Domain

The major focus of the C3 curricula domain is to focus on and enhance interprofessional educational opportunities for students enrolled in all academic programs across the six colleges at MUSC so they may more frequently learn from, with, and about each other. The intent is to ensure that students develop a requisite set of interprofessional competencies that will enable them to function more effectively in the health care delivery and biomedical research environments. During the first year, we focused on the development and assessment of team competencies, how students learn to function within a team and how they learn to assess the effectiveness of a team’s performance.

Highlights for Year 1

  • Established a C3 curriculum committee
  • Embrace a university wide perspective and recognized implementation realities  for interprofessional education
  • Created a temporal map of academic program structures
  • Conducted an inventory of existing interprofessional education activities across all curricula to assess potential for expanding, strengthening, and linking faculty involved in similar endeavors
  • Developed educational materials to help faculty teach teams skills effectively
  • Explored interest in developing an Interprofessional Education Certificate for students who wish to enrich their academic experiences while on campus
  • Established preliminary guidelines for approving new interprofessional education courses for academic credit

Curricular Domain Annual Report

Curricular Domain Minutes:
 December, 2007: Minutes

 February, 2008: Minutes
 March, 2008: Minutes
 May, 2008: Minutes
 June, 2008: Minutes
 July, 2008: Minutes

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