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Faculty Development Domain

The goal of the Faculty Development Domain is to prepare faculty for developing and implementing interprofessional education as described in the C3. Beginning in the first year, we will work closely with the other domains to coordinate our efforts and provide model programs designed to support faculty as they integrate interprofessional education throughout the curriculum and learning experience. The initial efforts during the first year will be expanded with new programs and initiatives added each year.

To date, we have conducted needs analyses including literature reviews, surveys, and interviews. One model program is under consideration and will be implemented prior to July 1, 2008. Together with the Apple Tree Society, the steering committee is sponsoring a Brown Bag session April 15, 2008. The session will be a panel discussion by students regarding their experiences and insights regarding interprofessional education. The committee is also working closely with the Oversight Committee to develop a video for students to demonstrate examples of teams “in action."

Faculty Institute Mid-Point Survey

How would you compare your expectations with what you've experienced thus far?
Specifically, what goals would you like to see carried out before the last session?
What are your thoughts at this point for a project?

Faculty Development Domain Annual Report

Summary of Interviews

Literature Reviews:

Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Teaching Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Geriatrics

Interprofessional Competencies (Nova Scotia)

Preventing Complications: New Frontiers of Safety Science in Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America's Leading Design Firm

Learning Together to Teach Together: Interprofessional Education and Faculty Development

Faculty Development Domain Meeting Agendas/Minutes:

September, 2007: Agenda  Minutes
October, 2007: Agenda  Minutes
November, 2007: Agenda  Minutes
December, 2007: Agenda Minutes

January, 2008: Agenda  Minutes
 February, 2008: Agenda  Minutes
 March, 2008: Agenda  Minutes
 April, 2008: Agenda  Minutes
 May, 2008: Agenda  Minutes
 June, 2008: Agenda  Minutes
 July, 2008: Agenda  Minutes
 August, 2008: Agenda  Minutes


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