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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Fellowship?

The fellowship is an opportunity for students to engage in interprofessional learning opportunities beyond those developed within their academic programs.  It consists of a variety of structured and self-directed learning activities, and allows a student to build upon participation in existing MUSC interprofessional experiences (i.e., IP Day, Presidential Scholars, interprofessional electives, etc) and add to these through additional work.

What is Required to Complete the Fellowship?

To complete the fellowship, the student must fulfill the following requirements:

A. Core Activities:
1) Attend IP Day 1st or 2nd year experience and write a 1 page reflective about what was learned.
2) Using an evidenced-based approach, write a paper that discusses a model for teamwork, including reference to the literature and research about a particular team (healthcare, research, other).
3) Participate in a minimum of 15 hours of an interprofessional activity (in community, clinical, research setting) and write a 1 page reflective paper about the experience.

B. Electives:
Complete at least one MUSC IP Electives:
IP 700 Caring for the Community
IP 701 Health Care and the Humanities
IP 702 Films of the Clinical Experience
IP 703 Making Clinical Connections
IP 704 Smiles for Life (Oral Health)
IP 705 Basic Beginning Medical Spanish
IP 706 Basic Intermediate Medical Spanish
Others to be developed

C. Practicum Experiences:
Complete at least one of the following and following the activity, write a 1-2 page reflective paper about how the experience fostered leadership skills
a) South Carolina Rural Interdisciplinary Program of Training (SCRIPT)
b) Presidential Scholars Program
c) CLARION Competition
d) Mission trip involving multiple professions
e) Student developed practicum

D. Summative Paper: 
Write a report (3-5 pages) that:
a) summarizes your interprofessional education experiences from the fellowship activities,
b) reflects on how these experiences have contributed to your understanding of your own profession,
c) reflects on how these experiences have prepared you to be an effective collaborator and leader in future interprofessional settings.

Why Should I Complete the IPE Fellowship?
Completion of the fellowship will demonstrate to employers and residency directors that you have acquired knowledge and skills to be an effective leader in interprofessional collaboration.  Interprofessional practice is the future of healthcare and demonstration of these skills will make you an attractive candidate for future positions.  While interprofessional practice is increasing in the United States, it is an established priority in the Canadian and United Kingdom healthcare systems.  For biomedical researchers, ability to work effectively as an interprofessional collaborator will assist with translational research efforts.  You will be a pioneer of interprofessional education in the United States.  And, there will be opportunities to interact with other fellows and have fun!

How will Employers and Residency Directors Know I Have Completed the Fellowship?
Fellowship completion will be noted on your academic transcript, and reference letters may be available upon request.  You will also be recognized during graduation.

How Do I Apply?
Any MUSC student can apply for the fellowship.  There is an online application form that needs to be completed.  Once the application form has been received and approved, the student will be registered into an IPE Fellowship WebCT site through which to submit fellowship assignments.

Who Can Apply?
Any MUSC student can apply for the fellowship.

Can I Apply for the Fellowship at Any Time While a Student?
Yes, though the sooner in your studies you apply for the fellowship, you will have more time to complete the requirements.  It is possible to receive retroactive credit for activities completed prior to fellowship application. 

I am a Student Near the End of My Education at MUSC?  Can I Complete the Fellowship with Retroactive Credit?
Yes, but it may be difficult.  Retroactive credit for completion of fellowship activities is available for several of the requirements.

When are Fellowship Assignments Due?
Fellows may complete assignments at any time and post them on WebCT.  For completion of fellowship on the transcript at the time of graduation, students must complete all assignments two weeks prior to the last day of classes for the semester in which they are graduating.  Specific dates for the upcoming academic year are:

For Spring ’09 Graduates:  April 14, 2009
For Summer ’09 Graduates:  July 30, 2009
For Fall ’09 Graduates:  November 27, 2009
For Spring ’10 Graduates:  April 13, 2010

How are Fellowship Assignments and Completion of the Fellowship Graded?
All fellowship activities are pass/fail.  A fellowship advisory committee oversees completion of assignments and that they reflect thought and knowledge acquisition.  If a completed assignment is viewed as insufficient, the student will be given the opportunity to resubmit the assignment.

What University Office Oversees the Fellowship?
The fellowship is directed through the Creating Collaborative Care (C3) office, a unit of the Provost’s Office.

Whom Should I Contact for More Information?
Contact: Amy Leaphart at or 792.8230
Amy Blue, PhD, at or 792.3409

For more information and to apply, visit

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