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Training to Improve Cardiovascular Therapies

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 Cardio Training Grant | Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Training opportunities within the interrelated research efforts include: 1) Molecular basis of cardiovascular disease, 2) Mechanisms of cardiovascular development, 3) Cardiac stem cells and regenerative medicine and bioengineering, 4) Cell signaling, and 5) Proteomics.

These research areas are supported by training resources including: 1) molecular genetics with transgenic and knockout facilities; 2) facilities in microscopy, image analysis, mass spectrometry and applied chemistry; and 3) cardiovascular clinical investigation. Trainees have access to advanced courses in these research areas and discuss their training and projects with consultants and visiting scientists.

Guidelines for postdoctoral fellows supported on the training grant include: (a) Ph.D. and/or M.D. degrees; (b) prior research experience; (c) superior letters of recommendation; (d) commitment to the objectives of the program and (e) US citizenship or permanent residency status. Prior exposure to pharmacology and/or cardiovascular research is not a prerequisite: we value trainees with diverse backgrounds for interactions with the interdisciplinary group of participants.

The training program emphasizes basic laboratory investigation, but has clinical investigation for qualified trainees. The program is also very supportive of trainees from underrepresented minorities.