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Training to Improve Cardiovascular Therapies

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 Cardio Training Grant | Predoctoral Fellowships

Predoctoral Fellowships

The purpose of the predoctoral training component of the Cardiovascular Training Grant is to provide graduate students with varied backgrounds and interests with a knowledge-base and understanding of the cardiovascular system and current trends and opportunities in cardiovascular research. In applying to the program, the student and mentor should provide a rationale for how the development of the student in their chosen field will provide future research opportunities to impact cardiovascular health.

Students who emerge from this training will have acquired sufficient background to address cardiovascular problems of significant importance using the tools and expertise gained from their mentor and graduate program. It is equally important to foster development of those students who pursue problems in laboratories with an existing emphasis on cardiovascular science, and to recruit students from laboratories without this emphasis, but with expertise applicable to solving problems related to cardiovascular health in the future.

A fundamental premise of this training program, including the selection of its faculty, postdoctoral students and predoctoral students, is to bring together individuals of varying backgrounds and levels of training to discuss and learn about cardiovascular-related problems.

An important objective is to foster the participation of individuals at all levels from the graduate programs participating in the predoctoral component of the training grant. All members of the Cardiovascular Training Grant are members of these graduate programs and, in general, it will be a goal to maintain a balanced participation between the cardiovascular tracks of the different graduate programs.