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Training to Improve Cardiovascular Therapies

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 Cardio Training Grant | Predoctoral Fellowships | Application

Predoctoral Fellowships Application Procedure

To be eligible for support, a student must be prepared to make a commitment to training in cardiovascular biology. In many cases this would be coincident with the student having already made many of the key choices concerning their graduate career.

These would include selecting a graduate program, the cardiovascular track of the program, a mentor who is a member of the cardiovascular training program, and a preliminary project that would serve as a basis for discussing how the proposed training will lead to research impacting cardiovascular biology.

In general, students would be beginning their third year of graduate training to have made all of these choices. However, students earlier in their graduate career will also be considered based upon their interest and commitment to cardiovascular biology as an area of research interest.

Ultimately, both the student applicant and their mentor should be members of the Cardiovascular Track of one of the participating graduate programs.  Students must be US citizens or permanent residents.

Download Application Form

The application should include the following materials:

- Completed application form.

- Curriculum vitae.

- Letter from the mentor sponsoring the student for the program and including their evaluation of the student’s potential. If the student has not yet selected a mentor, they should submit a letter from their program director or the Dean of College of Graduate Studies.

- Letters of recommendation from two additional faculty members.

- Two page (maximum) synopsis of a preliminary research proposal with a rationale of how the proposed project and/or training of the applicant will impact cardiovascular research. If the student has not yet selected a mentor, explain career goals and interests in cardiovascular biology sufficient to evaluate their early consideration for support by the program.

Return completed package to:

Donald R. Menick, Ph.D.
Department of Medicine/Cardiology
Gazes Cardiac Research Institute, Rm 326C
Medical University of South Carolina
114 Doughty Street
MSC 773
Charleston, SC 29425

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