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Training to Improve Cardiovascular Therapies

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 Cardio Training Grant | Predoctoral Fellowships | NIH Guidelines

Predoctoral Fellowships - NIH Guidelines

The predoctoral positions supported on this training grant are subject to NIH rules and guidelines. Candidates for these positions must be U.S. citizens or have already established non-citizen national (permanent residence) status. The stipend for these positions is $20,772 and is paid as non-employment compensation.

No tax, social security or medicare/medicaid payments are withheld from these stipends, and awardees are responsible for any tax liability associated with receiving the award. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring laboratory to supplement this stipend to the university-wide level when and if it exceeds the approved NIH stipend.

College of Graduate Studies stipend levels will be $21,000/year as of September 2004. This supplementation must come from non-federal funds. The training grant pays tuition only for the trainee. The trainee has full access to all resources and benefits of being a student of MUSC. Trainees are also awarded $1,400/year to support travel to a national meeting.

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