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Training to Improve Cardiovascular Therapies

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 Cardio Training Grant | Predoctoral Fellowships | Selection Criteria

Predoctoral Fellowships - Criteria

The committee examines the following criteria for each of the candidates who apply for this fellowship:

1. Academic record of the candidate. The committee examines the courses taken and grades received for both the graduate and undergraduate records for the students. Has the student received any academic honors or awards? Has the student received any recognition for research that has been conducted during or before the students’ graduate career? This includes MUSC Student Research Day awards, travel awards for national or international meetings, and awards for presentation of research at national/international meetings. Has the student published any papers or abstracts or made presentations at national or international meetings?

2. Letter of recommendations. The letters prepared by MUSC faculty members who are familiar with the student's course work and/or research are very important in the selection process. The committee also looks at the letters of recommendation submitted with the student's application to the graduate program at MUSC.

3. Research proposal. The proposed research should address an important area of cardiovascular research. Is the hypothesis clearly stated and the research design and methodology appropriate? Is the research innovative? Do the potential findings have an impact on our understanding of cardiovascular science? Is the proposal well written? Was the proposal written by the student?

4. Training environment. The training, funding and publication record of the mentor is an important part of the criteria in the selection process. The laboaratory must be supported by extramural funding for the duration of the fellowship.

5. Commitment of the student and the mentor to the cardiovascular training program of either the MCBP or Pharmacology graduate program. Do the student and mentor regularly participate in the cardiovascular journal club? Has the student taken any of the advanced course work offered by the cardiovascular division of the MCBP and the Pharmacology graduate programs?

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