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Specialty Nights

OB-GYN Night: This night is designed to give our female patients more personalized care for their specific reproductive and gynecological needs. This night is designed to serve the primary care side of this specialty. There will be residents and physicians on hand who have more experience dealing with these issues and questions. This night can be used to address routine care such as birth control, recommended yearly pelvic exams, recommended yearly pap smears, STD testing, and other problems specific to female care. The night is held monthly.

Spanish Specialty Night: This night is designed to provide more personalized service for our Spanish-speaking patient population. The office staff, students, and physician on duty that night will all either be native speakers, fluent in Spanish, or have extensive training in the language. This can help to alleviate some cultural discomfort. It will also help to avoid any miscommunication between the medical providers and the patients, resulting in better care. The night is held monthly.

Fight for Sight Night: This night is designed to provide specific vision care for patients. Ophthalmologists will be on site to perform more in-depth vision screening than would normally be performed in a primary care office. They will be able to assess vision needs, provide treatment for problems related specifically to the eye, and screen for potentially dangerous deficits. This will give more specialization to our care. This clinic is held annually.

Diabetes Night: This night is designed to provide special attention for our diabetic patients. Their blood sugar and HbA1C will be checked on-site that night to address any problems that may exist. Nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and students will be on hand to provide nutritional counseling, cooking options, and advice on major problems that may be unique to diabetic patients. This clinic is held four times a year.

Psychiatry Night: Our first ever Psychiatry night will be held on June 9, 2016. This is night is designed to provide specific attention to our patients suffering from mental disorders.

Dermatology Night is in the works at this time, so be aware that this service may be available to you soon.



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