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Applause Awards

The following employees received recognition through the Applause Program for going the extra mile to provide quality service, education, research and patient care. Each employee received an Applause certificate and was recognized by their respective departments.

Medical Center

Cassie Lin, Meduflex Team; Jackie Crosby, Meduflex Team; Jen Marshall, Neurosurgery; Nicole Gasper, Cannon WH Ultrasound Genetics; Sharon Bond, College of Nursing Administration; Andrew Stec, Urology; Queen Haynes, Family Medicine; Michelle Turner, Women’s Health Registration; Anthony Dunbar, Department of Public Safety; David Adams, GI and Laparoscopic Surgery; Darian Epps, DDC 6W; Josiah Smalls, Patient Transport Services; Evelyn Polite, OR; Shatora Williams, ART Endoscopy; Christi Ferguson, ART Endoscopy; Melissa Youngblood, ART Endoscopy; Talarico Davis, Guest Services; Karen Legare, ART Holding; Dale Sanders, 4E; Fred Holston, 4E; Krutesha Prime, 4E; Patricia Singleton, 4E; Danielle Williams, ART Patient Admissions; Gabriel Martz, Neurology; Ana Rosa Virella-Pena, Cannon WH Ultrasound Genetics; Casey Howett, Cannon WH Ultrasound Genetics; Cathy Quashie, Womens Health Registration; Lucretia Wilson, Endoscopy/GI Clinic; Estelle Ashby, ART Patient Admissions; Stephanie Severance, Bone Marrow Transplant; Lisa Dooley, Radiology Mammography; Jennifer Page, Otolaryngology; Melissa Fluharty, Neonatal ICU 8 CHE; Michelle Aydlette, ART EKG; Jessica Wiegel, DDC 6W; Sarah Fath, DDC 6E; Cynthia Brown, DDC 6E; David Marcum, DDC 6W; Victoria Cairco, Meduflex Team; Bridgette Burch, Labor and Delivery; Ashley Kelly, Postpartum; Martha Krauss, Lactation Center; Rebecca Robinson, Postpartum; Vonda Aiken, 3W; Karen Wildes, 7A Infant Care; Patrice Williams, Meduflex Team; Rainey Causey, Medical Records Coding and Incomplete; Clarice Dorsey, Radiology Nursing Services; and Elizabeth Finch, 7A Infant Care Unit.


VeLonda Dantzler,
Human Resources Management; Donna Rychwa, University Payroll Services; Marilyn Stark, Dental Faculty Practice; Lisa Summerlin, College of Dental Medicine; and Kathleen Williams, University Payroll Services.
October 26, 2013

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