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Meet Dr. Jon McGough

MUSC Physicians Primary Care

How you are changing what’s possible at MUSC  
I’m excited to help build our Patient Centered Medical Home in the Lowcountry so that we can continue to provide the best, most comprehensive care for all or our patients.

How long at MUSC
Three years. I completed my internal medicine residency at MUSC this summer and now work at James Island Medicine.

A must-have in the pantry
I live on peanut butter. After eating it almost every day for most of my life, it is still my favorite food.

Favorite summer activity
I enjoy getting friends together to go tubing down the Edisto River.

Dream vacation
I would love to spend a month traveling through Italy and experience its great art, architecture, history and cuisine.

Words of advice
As a Georgia Bulldog fan, I have a signed photo from sports announcer Larry Munson, stating, “To Jon, Hunker Down!” It motivates me to do my best each day, no matter how I might be feeling.

October 17, 2013

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