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Pastoral Care Week: call to be prophetic, respectful

By Chaplain George Rossi
Pastoral Care Services

The Prophetic Voice calls us to reach for action and peace — to sustain that which brings us hope, well-being, dreams and renewal. Prophecy goes hand in hand with team work, respect, and understanding of the situations in which we find ourselves.

In times of change, we are called to be prophetic, most of all in our manner of presence, in a way that involves trust, peace, and collaboration, saying, “Yes, this too, is possible, there is hope.” This hopeful, trustful presence taps into the strength beyond people’s knowing and endures changing seasons to prove that which will sustain us. When acknowledged, it grows into a wise tree to shelter, nourish and teach us. (Visit

The previous paragraph gives a helpful interpretation of the theme “Prophetic Voice.” There will be “changing seasons” and “times of change” and that is certainly the case for health care in the United States and within the medical center.

The strategic motto that the medical center has adopted is “Changing What’s Possible.” It requires clinicians to focus on hopeful outcomes and physical renewal.

Teamwork and collaboration are key components to this as change is envisioned and implemented.
Health care clinicians can become “blessings” to their patients and families. Clinicians can “speak up” and “advocate” with a prophetic voice for hospitalized individual, people who are less fortunate and marginalized in the community.

Clinicians who provide hope with treatments and care, are the same individuals who use their voices, their power, and their skills to help people heal and find peace within a medical crises, difficult diagnosis and prognosis.

During pastoral care week, may everyone be mindful to speaking up for others who need help and support.

We also can speak up for coworkers and ourselves when any of us need care and support. Our voices can be a small and gentle catalyst that can lead people to  be their own religious and spiritual resources so that they may experience health, wellness and abundant living.  

October 17, 2013

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