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Perry V. Halushka Student Research Day 2013

The annual MUSC Student Research Day poster sessions were held at the Harper Student Center Gymnasium on Nov. 8, and featured participants presenting a total of 227 posters and oral presentations in approximately 20 categories. Photos by Anne Thompson, Digital Imaging

MUSC’s annual Perry V. Halushka 2013 MUSC Research Day was held Nov. 8 at the Wellness Center Gym and Drug Discovery Building.
Research Day was open to all students, postdoctoral residents and fellows at MUSC, as well as those from other institutions who had participated in the past year in research programs at MUSC.

Event namesake Dr. Perry V. Halushka, from left, joins keynote speaker Dr. Peter Kohl and event director Dr. Steven Kubalak.

The event’s Nov. 7 keynote address was presented by Peter Kohl, M.D., Ph.D., who is chair in Cardiac Biophysics and Systems Biology at the Imperial College of London and senior fellow of the British Heart Foundation. Kohl’s talk was about the systems biology of the heart.

Perry V. Halushka, M.D., Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor and dean emeritus of the College of Graduate Studies for whom the event is named, was present throughout all the activities.

“It was very gratifying to see so many of our trainees conducting outstanding research, in many cases, at the cutting edge of their respective disciplines. The quality of the research on this campus continues at the highest levels as evidenced by the trainees presentations. Also, Dr. Peter Kohl, gave an outstanding talk, which was also entertaining and had a great message for all trainees,” said Halushka.

The winners are listed below:
Undergraduate Poster I
— First place: Olivia Coco
Session; second place: Logan Dowdle
Clinical/Professional-Masters Poster I — First place: Markey Haselden; second place: Emily Cook
Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster II
— First place: Blair Stec; second place: Camilo Mateus

Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster III — First place: Dayvia Laws; second place: Robert Baranello
Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster IV — First place: Jessica Bentzley; second place: Alexandra Parashos
Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster V — First place: Eric Singhi; second place: Clark Sealy
Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster VI — First place: Andrew Rabley; second place: Kristen DeYoung

Medical student Andrew Rabley reviews his poster with a participant.

PhD Poster I
— First place: LaShardai Conaway; second place: Ryan Kelly
PhD Poster II — First place: Kimberly Sauls; second place: Sara D. Johnson
PhD Poster III
— First place: Brandon Bentzley (Kinard Gadsden Award); second place: Katherine S. Nicholas
Postdocs/Residents/Fellows Poster I
— First place: Heidi M. Steinkamp; second place: Lillianne G. Harris
Postdocs/Residents/Fellows Poster II
— First place: Navin Nikam; second place: Agnieszka Jezierska-Drutel
Undergraduate Oral II
— First place: Luke T. Havens; second place: Alexandra M. Moreira
Clinical-Professional-Masters Oral VII
— First place: Caitlin Moore; second place: Mallory A. Ulmer
Clinical/Professional/Masters Oral VIII
— First place: Mallory N. Roberts; second place: Balvir Singh
Clinical/Professional/Masters Oral IX
— First place: Samantha Sergi; second place: Jordan A. Maivelett
PhD Oral IV — First place: Jaime L. Speiser; second place: Stefanie R. Bailey
PhD Oral V
— First place: Jordan D. Gruber (Eric James Award); second place: Matt Scheffel
PhD Oral VI
—First place: Marie M. Lockhart (Willard & Betty Peterson Award); second place: Jacqulyne P. Robichaux
Postdocs/Residents/Fellows Oral III — First place: Michelle H. Nelson; second place: Boobalan Pachaiyappan
Postdocs/Residents/Fellows Oral IV
— First place: Shawn M. Stevens; second place: Shilpak Chatterjee

Research Day judges, Dr. Michael J. Kern, from left, regenerative medicine and cell biology professor; Dr. Thierry Bacro, regenerative medicine and cell biology associate professor; and Department of Radiology and Radiological Science’s Dr. Munazza Anis, assemble in a quiet place to review, tabulate and discuss the final outcomes.

Special Awards
Innovation Award — First place: Craig Kutz; second place: Boobalan Pachaiyappan
Sigma Xi
— First place oral: Jordan D. Gruber; first place poster: Heidi M. Steinkamp
— First place: Jessica Trombetta-eSilva; second place: Rebekah Walker
Health Disparities Poster
— First place: Michelle Khawaja; second place: Rebekah Walker
Health Disparities Oral
— First place: Mallory Roberts; second place: Sybil Nelson
VA Oral
— First place: Joseph Taylor; second place: Adam Akerman
VA Poster — First place: Dayvia Laws; second place: Rebekah Walker
VA Young Investigator — Camilo Mateus
— First place: Logan Dowdle; second place: Gregory Fran

November 22, 2013

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