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Healing through power of humor, fun

Bumper “T” Caring Clowns national president Ester Gushner  (aka Doctor Curly Bubee), left, is joined by Caring Clowns vice president Aviva Gorstein (aka Doctor Hugga Bubbe), second right, and MUSC Caring Clown Robert Mason (aka Doctor Geezer), as they bring smiles to Herbert Love, an MUSC Patient Admissions employee, during a recent visit to the University hospital. Bumper “T” Caring Clowns are a volunteer organization dedicated to healing through the power of humor for hospitalized patients, families, friends and caregivers. Children’s Hospital clowns are volunteers and clowns who visit adult patients are MUSC employees who volunteer their time. In addition to MUSC volunteer orientation and training, Caring Clown volunteers complete a comprehensive clown training program focusing on the art of gentle humor.  For information, contact Katy Kuder, 792-0858. Photo provided

December 13, 2013

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