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MUSC Applause

The following employees received recognition through the Applause Program for going the extra mile:

Medical Center
Frank Hoyland, MUSC Sleep Center; Heidi Knode, MUSC Sleep Center; Lisa Kaiser, Bronchoscopy; Gail Rivers, Environmental Services; Billy Berkes, Physical Therapy; Shannon Weaver, Physical Therapy; Rainey Causey, Medical Records, Coding & Incomplete;
Vernell Threat, Safety, Security, & Volunteer Services;
April Austin-Genua, PACU; Gloria Mort, PACU; Laureen Johnson, PACU; Jessica Edwards, Peri Anesthesia; April Austin–Genua, PACU; Debbie Cepeda, Womens Health; Sandy Streisel, 9NSI; Lori McCall, Medical Records, Jenna Delany, Surgery Trauma ICU; Kathy Salter, University Internal Medicine; Phyllis Laboard, University Internal Medicine; Vera Campbell, Heart Center; Amanda Grams, ART- Rad Diagnostic; Barbara Cobb, Peds Same Day Cath Room; Cindy David, Peds Same Day Cath Room; Joanne Marcell, Peds Procedure Area; Doris Smalls, Medical Records; Carol Sherman, Hematology/Oncology; Lucinda Magwood, MICU; Mary Washington, ART Card/Vasc/Surgery; Derek Austin, ART 3W; Erin Johnson, ART 3W; Laurel Faja, Infant Care Unit; Madeline Gehrig, Peds Clinical Resources; Karen S. Johnson, Postpartum; Meredith Canning, Postpartum; Dorothy Winters, Postpartum; Sharon Groat, Postpartum; Sarah Jenkins, Postpartum; Chiquita Anderson, Postpartum; Karen Johnson, Postpartum; Monica Wigfall, Postpartum; Rocio Bullock, Postpartum; Melvina Nelson, Youth Psych–Inpatient; Karen White, Labor & Delivery; Andrew Kennedy, 7W; Amelia Hinchcliffe, Cannon WH Ultrasound Genetics; Ana Rosa Virella-Pena, Cannon WH Ultrasound Genetics; Theresa Mathrua, Guest Services; Herbert Jenkins, Guest Services; Aretha McFadden, Guest Services; Justin Carr, Guest Services; Harolyn Smith, Guest Services; Mary Curnett, Guest Services; John Parler, Guest Services; Robert Watson, Volunteer Services

Lisa Beattie, Human Resources; Roger Brownlee, Printing Services; Peggy Bull, Dental Medicine; Vickie Chapman, Dental Medicine; Eric Cooke, Printing Services; Jonathan Coultas, Instructional Technology & Faculty Services; Audrey Gagnon, Printing Services; Gordon Knight, Printing Services; Ronald Williamson, Printing Services.

December 6, 2013

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