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MUSC Employees of the Month

Clara Wilson, Sleep Center
“One of our patients, who lives a couple of hours away, got lost on his way to the Leeds Avenue Sleep Center for an appointment.

Clara, whose shift had already ended, drove to meet him and had him follow her to the Sleep Center.

This is an amazing example of customer service and a willingness to go above and beyond for our patients.”

Nominated by Pamela Chimino
Brad Kilpatrick, MICU
“Brad is the epitome of MUSC Excellence. Not only does he exhibit excellence on a daily basis with whatever he does, he always goes above and beyond for staff and patients. One of the many examples is when a patient was accepted to MUSC’s medical intensive care unit from an outside hospital.

I asked Brad if it was possible to send an MUSC respiratory therapist along with a ventilator capable of salvage modes of mechanical ventilation in order to make this high risk transfer as safe as possible.

Brad Kilpatrick, MICU, was honored as an Employee of the Month at MUSC.

This is an outside-the-box request and beyond the expected duties of an MICU respiratory therapist. Brad didn’t blink and simply said, “I’ll go if you want me to.”

Per the request of our attending, Brad traveled with Meducare to pick up the patient with a special ventilator from MUSC. Even though it was almost the end of his shift, Brad agreed to go without hesitation..”

Nominated by Dee Ford, Janet Byrne and Mallory Hannon
Yvette Wilson, Dietetic Services
“Yvette was getting off work and saw me struggling to walk in the parking lot and ran to get a wheel chair.

I am 20 weeks pregnant and was in so much pain that I blacked out.

Yvette Wilson, Dietetic Services, was honored as an Employee of the Month at MUSC.

When I came to she was there and had been for more than two hours holding my hand.

I lost my husband recently, and her comfort and kindness will never be forgotten.”

Nominated by Keri McDonnel (a patient)

April 18, 2013

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