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Employee Commitment Survey

Who? All Medical Center, Sodexo and Crothall employees

What? Employee Commitmetment Survey

When? May 19 through June 1

Where? The survey can be accessed on the MUSC Excellence website (, the MUHA intranet homepage, by clicking the “Take Survey” icon on your computer desktop, or by contacting your survey ambassador.

Why? In order for the MUSC medical center to be the very best place for patients and their families to receive care, it must also be a great place for employees to work. MUSC employees are our most valuable asset; our facilities and cutting edge technology are only as good as the people who utilize them to make a difference in our patients’ lives.
The Employee Commitment Survey is a key tool for the leadership to hear directly from employees about what is working and what our best opportunities are to create an environment that supports a sense of accomplishment and pride. Particularly during these challenging times, when difficult, and often unpopular, decisions have to be made, we need to be informed about employee perceptions in order to focus our attention and resources most effectively.

2012 Results
Last year, 80 percent of staff (four out of every five) participated in the survey. We hope to match or exceed that response rate this year.

What is a survey ambassador?
• Someone that works with managers to help distribute PIN letters and
answer questions from co-workers about the survey
• Survey advocates or “cheerleaders” during survey administration
• Communicators of information to their co-workers

If you have any questions regarding the survey, contact your survey ambassador.

To find out who your survey ambassador is, visit the MUSC Excellence website (
and click Employee Engagement.”

How are the survey results utilized? In response to our 2012 Survey, more than 350 work group action plans were created on a variety of topics. Organizationwide responses were also developed and have included:


“There is a climate of trust in my work group.”
 “Employees in my work unit treat each other with respect.”

• Communication 101 classes are now offered twice a month for all staff and by request to specific work unit groups. 
• Much work has been completed to address issues of “lateral violence,” and a new professionalism policy and resources will be introduced in the summer of 2013.

 “The person I report to is a good communicator.”

• Crucial Conversations classes are now offered monthly.
• Communication channels with staff have been expanded and include:
   -Weekly e-mails from our CEO Patrick Cawley, M.D.
   -Employees receive the weekly physicians’ Clinical Connections newsletter.
   -Creation of the new monthly newsletter for employees with the first edition in April 2013
   -Mandatory Leader Meeting each month; standardized mechanism for cascading information from that meeting to employees is currently under development.
   -Planning for expansion of town hall availability to support required participation by all employees to assure that everyone has access to the information necessary to understand and support the medical center’s goals and priorities.

May 16, 2013

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